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Critical Gchat

This past weekend I moderated a chat for Distributed Collectives closing reception at little berlin.  As it was a show of net art, Kelani and I decided to host the chat online as a group gchat.  The text of this chat was updated every few minutes to a tumblr stream, which was projected in the gallery alongside the works.  The chat quietly framed the show in criticism, and viewers could designate their own level of engagement.  Participants included Kieran Daly, Will Pappenheimer, Krist Wood, Robert Lorayn, Kelani Nichole, Beth Heinly, and Joshua Caleb Weibley.

There were some really great moments that occurred, partially due to the diversity of those involved and partially due to quirks with the technology.  I encourage a meander.

Finally, a thought, courtesy Ionesco:

Picture 6

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  1. Bayle says: December 16, 20116:07 pm

    One or two to rmeember, that is.

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