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Join the Talking Pictures Google Group

Brief self-promotion (I promise to blog again very soon*): I invite you to join the Google Group of Talking Pictures, my art theory book club.   We meet every two weeks in person, but I envision the Google Group to be an extension of those gatherings with events, related readings, and further discussion.  You do not have to live in Philadelphia to join, though presumably you would have some interest in reading about modernity and contemporary art forms.  Do not be dissuaded by the application – that only serves to filter out spambots.  More on Talking Pictures soon, hopefully including a website, guest appearances, and an archive. Please join and pass along!


*Including, but not limited to, thoughts on taste & consumer culture, ideas about popularity and power in brand marketing, opinions on artistic self-deprecation, views of intemporality and cinema, impressions of the perceived legislative character of the avant-garde, feelings about the supposed return to craft specificity and domesticity during the recession, theories of the most recent revival of an appreciation for low-rent philosophy, judgments of the current show at the Hessel Museum at Bard, assessments of the current state of DIY collectives in Philadelphia and beyond, conceptions of the idea of non-performance, notions of the insularity of certain forms (email chains, for instance) and whether that’s really such a terrible thing, hypotheses about subjectivity and the subjugated in photography, and conclusions about the future of New Asshole.

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