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Wallflower Wednesday

Today’s selection of links is all about corporations and branding and young people and art.  I don’t know where I got the idea.

Rob Pruitt: The Andy Monument, 2011, image courtesy of Public Art Fund’s website, photo by James Ewing

The Art of Selling Out” in The Observer – the market at work in the studios of Hirst, Koons, Murakami, Emin, and Turk.

Aggressive Artist Group Botches Occupation of SoHo Non-Profit, But What is to be Done?” on artinfo.com – Thanks, Becket.

Five Myths and a Menace” in Standpoint – on 5 economic myths that have saturated politics. And Adam Smith. And why Adam Smith is “the great authority on Anti-Protectionism — as the man who first told the world the truth so that the world could learn and believe it.” Yeeeaaah.

What, Me Care?” in Scientific American – Young people are less empathetic than their 1980 counterparts. They are also more narcissistic. This has been scientifically verified by Scientific American.

Brand States: Postmodern Power, Democratic Pluralism, and Design” in e-flux – “In its current stage, state branding has not yet seen critical, alternative, or counter-hegemonic approaches. We will conclude that the recognition of network power as a form of structural coercion provides the best starting position for the development of such alternative approaches to state branding.”

A Brief History of the Corporation, 1600 to 2100” in ribbonfarm – exactly that.

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