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Where is mine New Asshole

Where have I been? How has it been more than 2 months since I posted anything? But I’ve done so much in that time!

I made this thing in Photoshop one day to inspire myself to work more on a magazine idea.  The inspiration didn’t come, but I like the picture.  I took it at the largest underground lake in America.


I wrote an essay about a particular spambot Twitter for Title Magazine.

I published a book about Agnes Martin.  Details coming soon.  Here is a picture from it -

Picture 5

2-3 things that are on the very near horizon:

1. Another Ascended Drifts box set of New Jersey hip hop, 1991-1998.  I haven’t decided on a theme yet but preliminary listens led me to the words “goofy” or “jazzy”.

2. A book of poetry.

3.  An updated website, blog, CSS (or SASS), and an archive of Talking Pictures reading material.

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  1. Carlye says: February 16, 20126:21 am

    I rellay needed to find this info, thank God!

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