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Wallflower Wednesday

Sometimes, like when I’ve been stuck in traffic for two hours to get home from work and the car behind me is blasting “My Chick Bad” at an impossible-to-tune-out decibal from a souped-up Kia SUV, I think that people are really stupid.  Other times, like when a friend tells me he is reading the entirety of Chaucer in the original Middle English, I think that people are really smart.  And finally, there are times when I find out people have written thoroughly-researched articles on Beyonce’s latest music video (wasn’t me), and I think people are really smart about really stupid things.

“Waiting” by David Prince

Let’s start out with the headliner, “Retro Styles and Gender Play: Beyonce’s ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’” on Jezebel An interesting read, but I can’t stand this video.  It’s so subpar for the genre.  For an actually artistic take on pinups and hip-hop, I suggest Twista and Pharrell’s “Give it Up” Three years old and it’s still ahead of the game.  And totally Jeff Koons-ed out.

The Moral Life of Babies in the New York Times Magazine Why would anyone even entertain the thought of babies as moral beings?

What Does the Internet Look Like on The Baffler Apparently the internet does not look like a Tootsie Roll pop, as Popular Science claimed.  This is huge news.

White Supremacy: The Most Racist Fashion Magazines in 2010 on Naive Boy An amazingly well-researched essay on racial discrimination in fashion magazines.  Get ready to feel really bad.  Everything about this article is smart, except for those Nazi-fied fake fashion ads and logos.  High school collage, much?

Poto and Cabengo.

Britain’s worst art exhibition Ok, this isn’t smart about stupid.  This is just stupid.

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