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Wallflower Wednesday, Ash Edition

I wish I had more time to update this blog.  I am around, I promise–perhaps too around, to the point where I don’t have much free time anymore for spending hours getting lost on JSTOR.  I’m trying to get a few posts banked during the weekend now, as I have zero free internet time during the week.  Let’s see if it works for now.

So, this Wallflower Wednesday also happens to be Ash Wednesday.  I was supposed to be in New Orleans, woozy from too much pre-Lenten celebration but now it turns out I’ll be in Philadelphia, sober and working.   Something to read will make the day go quicker.

How cool is it that Columbia has the entire Abolition of Man online?  I guess it’s not terribly surprising considering the entire book is only 70 pages long or so.  Here’s Chapter 2, The Way. Maybe this is a little cliche and stodgy to use as a link for today, but I didn’t want to do anything explicitly Christian or religious.  This is more a lecture on the universality of ethics, which can be applied to the transfiguration, sure, or it can stand to inform daily life in general.  Plus, I think C S Lewis is just the bee’s knees.

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