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Where have I been? How has it been more than 2 months since I posted anything? But I’ve done so much in that time!

I made this thing in Photoshop one day to inspire myself to work more on a magazine idea.  The inspiration didn’t come, but I like the picture.  I took it at the largest underground lake in America.


I wrote an essay about a particular spambot Twitter for Title Magazine.

I published a book about Agnes Martin.  Details coming soon.  Here is a picture from it -

Picture 5

2-3 things that are on the very near horizon:

1. Another Ascended Drifts box set of New Jersey hip hop, 1991-1998.  I haven’t decided on a theme yet but preliminary listens led me to the words “goofy” or “jazzy”.

2. A book of poetry.

3.  An updated website, blog, CSS (or SASS), and an archive of Talking Pictures reading material.

I had heard about Just Another Asshole before as it made an appearance at X Initiative.  Over the weekend I saw this cover image posted on a blog & decided to do a little more digging.  Just Another Asshole was a sound art publication edited by Barbara Ess and Glenn Branca.  I wasn’t able to find any information on anthologies #1, 2, or 4 (I don’t even know that they exist), but #5 is a 77-track long compilation released on LP in 1981.  Here is the link for a covert download, or you can buy the cd on Amazon for $13.76.  But be warned: the Amazon product only has 57 tracks and the only review is by “A Customer” who gave it 4 stars and said “This album is cool,except for track 8 which is sung by lead singer- James Hedstrom. He seems to be struggling in this album.”  JAA #6 (title: “I find my mother, brim in the full udder of desire”) is a print anthology that includes work by Kathy Acker, Jenny Holzer, Richard Prince, Kiki Smith, Lynne Tillman, and many others.  I was not able to find a free copy anywhere but I did find one copy selling for $240.

So that’s Just Another Asshole.  From what I can find, it’s not quite the “hackjob” as one of my co-editors had imagined.

In honor of the holiday, I’m publishing Frazer Ward’s 1995 essay in October on Haunting, Habermas, Haacke, and cHallenge.  Download link is below.

The Haunted Museum: Institutional Critique and Publicity* [PDF]

Today’s selection of links is all about corporations and branding and young people and art.  I don’t know where I got the idea.

Rob Pruitt: The Andy Monument, 2011, image courtesy of Public Art Fund’s website, photo by James Ewing

The Art of Selling Out” in The Observer – the market at work in the studios of Hirst, Koons, Murakami, Emin, and Turk.

Aggressive Artist Group Botches Occupation of SoHo Non-Profit, But What is to be Done?” on artinfo.com – Thanks, Becket.

Five Myths and a Menace” in Standpoint – on 5 economic myths that have saturated politics. And Adam Smith. And why Adam Smith is “the great authority on Anti-Protectionism — as the man who first told the world the truth so that the world could learn and believe it.” Yeeeaaah.

What, Me Care?” in Scientific American – Young people are less empathetic than their 1980 counterparts. They are also more narcissistic. This has been scientifically verified by Scientific American.

Brand States: Postmodern Power, Democratic Pluralism, and Design” in e-flux – “In its current stage, state branding has not yet seen critical, alternative, or counter-hegemonic approaches. We will conclude that the recognition of network power as a form of structural coercion provides the best starting position for the development of such alternative approaches to state branding.”

A Brief History of the Corporation, 1600 to 2100” in ribbonfarm – exactly that.

Brief self-promotion (I promise to blog again very soon*): I invite you to join the Google Group of Talking Pictures, my art theory book club.   We meet every two weeks in person, but I envision the Google Group to be an extension of those gatherings with events, related readings, and further discussion.  You do not have to live in Philadelphia to join, though presumably you would have some interest in reading about modernity and contemporary art forms.  Do not be dissuaded by the application – that only serves to filter out spambots.  More on Talking Pictures soon, hopefully including a website, guest appearances, and an archive. Please join and pass along!


*Including, but not limited to, thoughts on taste & consumer culture, ideas about popularity and power in brand marketing, opinions on artistic self-deprecation, views of intemporality and cinema, impressions of the perceived legislative character of the avant-garde, feelings about the supposed return to craft specificity and domesticity during the recession, theories of the most recent revival of an appreciation for low-rent philosophy, judgments of the current show at the Hessel Museum at Bard, assessments of the current state of DIY collectives in Philadelphia and beyond, conceptions of the idea of non-performance, notions of the insularity of certain forms (email chains, for instance) and whether that’s really such a terrible thing, hypotheses about subjectivity and the subjugated in photography, and conclusions about the future of New Asshole.

This past weekend I moderated a chat for Distributed Collectives closing reception at little berlin.  As it was a show of net art, Kelani and I decided to host the chat online as a group gchat.  The text of this chat was updated every few minutes to a tumblr stream, which was projected in the gallery alongside the works.  The chat quietly framed the show in criticism, and viewers could designate their own level of engagement.  Participants included Kieran Daly, Will Pappenheimer, Krist Wood, Robert Lorayn, Kelani Nichole, Beth Heinly, and Joshua Caleb Weibley.

There were some really great moments that occurred, partially due to the diversity of those involved and partially due to quirks with the technology.  I encourage a meander.

Finally, a thought, courtesy Ionesco:

Picture 6